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Deep rooted ground cover

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Serendip starts with ...
Deep rooted ground cover suggestions needed for freshly excavated slab with the earth (red clay?) pushed over the edge of a very steep slope that with the recent rain seems to be coming away from the top which will be near where the house will be built on solid ground.
I'm a novice gardener, and need it urgently thanks Ross
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3rd April 2017 5:34pm
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Pademelon1 says...
Hi Ross,

My recommendations for hardy, stable ground-covers are either Grevillea 'poorina royal mantle' or grevillea 'Bronze rambler'. However, if you are looking to stabilise the site, a vine such as hibbertia scandens or hardenbergia violacea will colonise the site quicker. Lomandra longifolia, although not a ground-cover, is the best all-round plant at stabilising banks etc, and westringia fructosa is also very good.

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4th April 2017 10:24pm
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