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Durian Taste

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Dekka starts with ...
G'day John from South Australia,
This morning I spent $11.oo on a Durian at the supermarket. I was reminded of it last night when they showed it on The Food-lovers' Guide To Australia and the show's host "hmmmned and oohed and aahed" at the taste. They even commented on Durian having aphrodesiac properties.
All I can say is that I don't know how I'd even get near my wife after eating that and I wouldn't blame her!!! I do remember you warning that the smell was something special but I perservered, determined to enjoy tasting something new, when all my instincts were telling me that it decomposed long ago and should have been sent to a crematorium. Who would have thought that overwhipped sweetened cream mixed with raw sewage and rancid pus would be a delicacy. I'll post what's left to you in twenty years if you like... I'm sure it couldn't taste any worse. Bon Apetit!
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27th March 2008 11:23am
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John says...
So Dekka, I take it you are a convert now. hehehehe just remember apart from your extra physical drive you'l get from it, one person a day dies from eating it. There blood pressure goes up big time them get very physical. I had this problem to, I eat about 8 in a week. My doc put me on tabs for for it now. Still luv them but in moderations. Bon Apetit
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27th March 2008 6:45pm
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