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Dwarf Fig - leaves turning brown

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MnM1 starts with ...
I bought a Dwarf Fig about 3 months ago. For the first two months it did nothing, no new leaves, it even dropped the tiny fig it already had.
Then I noticed a new sprout coming up from the base of the trunk which is growing fast. Around the same time the leaves started to turn brown on the outsides, curl and crumble.
I am now wondering, if I should remove the new growth to preserve the existing leaves? Or is there anything else I could do to encourage it to grow new leaves?
It is in the sun till about noon, then in the shade.
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1st January 2018 7:50pm
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Fruitylicious1 says...
Hi MmM

I also bought my dwarf fig tree almost the same time as yours, mine is pushing along healthily. What I did was I repotted it in a 300 mil plastic pot with a fast draining potting mix medium. I combined about 40% premium potting mix, 20% perlite, 20% pine bark, and 20% peat moss and mulched it. I quickly positioned the new plant under a deciduous tree where it only received dappled shade. It loves it. I fed it with dynamic lifter and a tablespoon of dolomite lime. I always provide it with rain water from the tank. Any sucker that grows below the trunk I quickly remove it because they will weaken the main trunk and all above it. All the leaves are green and it got five fruits but I removed the other three. I want to discard them all to let it grow more but, I desperately wish to taste the fruit so I let the two gems to stay. And now that it harden up I transferred it to a sunnier position but less afternoon sun when it's really sizzling hot. So that's my successful experience with the same plant with the same age as yours. Hope you learn a bit from my experience.
Happy Gardening :-)
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3rd January 2018 9:35pm
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