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Dwarf Pear Conference

    3 responses

Dwarf Pear Conference starts with ...
Has anyone had experience with a Dwarf Pear Conference? Would like to have some information on the fruit itself and the height of the tree when fully grown.
By Sue.
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Dwarf Pear Conference
27th June 2018 10:31am
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Fruitylicious1 says...
Hi Dwarf Pear

Just like any other dwarf fruit tree, dwarf pear if planted in the ground in an ideal spot and well taken care of, will cease to become dwarf after a few years if it is NOT pruned regularly. I have a few dwarf fruit trees planted in the ground in my previous property and i have to prune them assiduously (3x a year) to curtail their growth. The ones planted in containers are easier to managed, though they need more pampering due to their genetics (smaller and weaker root system) compared to normal size specimens. So it depends upon the gardener to keep the size in check if grown in the ground. Even standard fruit trees can be dwarfed if planted in containers and regularly snipped.

Happy gardening :-)
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8th July 2018 4:28pm
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Markmelb says...
I googled this CV and it looks to me way superior than my Flemings Dwarf which tastes very inferior - love to graft some Conference to my espalier.
If the Conference is on M9 rootstock it would only get to 2mt
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9th July 2018 9:25pm
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David01 says...
Hi Sue,

According to Diggers and Woodbridge it will grow about 2.5m to 3m.

'The best known of all pears, 'Conference' is excellent eaten as a dessert pear but also exceptional when cooked. The long bell shaped fruits with firm flesh can be eaten hard or fully ripe with a smooth juicy flavour. Enjoy 'Conference' pears at their best by picking them slightly under-ripe, store them in a cool place and bring indoors to ripen slowly'

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10th July 2018 4:39pm
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