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Dwarf rootstock compatibility

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Eureka lemon rootstock starts with ...
I now have differing opinions on whether the flying dragon dwarfing rootstock is compatible with the eureka lemon variety.
Some say initial growth is acceptable but issues can arise with the sudden demise of a mature tree which can result in the loss of the plant completely.
I would hate for all my good work to be undone.
Need some advice on which rootstock I should use for best long term results.
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Eureka lemon rootstock
Richmond 2753
2nd May 2019 11:02pm
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Amanda says...
Check out the problem of "e;benching"e; with graft-rootstock problems like this perhaps.
I can't have Flying Dragon here - being on sands and having a tendency to alkalinity. I have taken out all of our "e;dwarf"e; citrus on Flying Dragon. Benching has been a problem - but it's also about nutrient flow. Sometimes a whole branch will die for no apparant reason - or, more likely, a whole branch will produce chlorotic leaves?
I have also had major problems with some of the new releases of "e;dwarf"e; stone fruit.
The scion/top has grown to full growth - on a dwarf rootstock...and the trees all fell over in the normal winter storms.

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3rd May 2019 10:27pm
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