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Dwarf Stella Cherry

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JimHamilton starts with ...
Two years ago I planted what was meant to be a dwarf 1.5 - 2.0m tall Stella Cherry tree. After two winter prunings (in August 2015 & 2016), it has grown prolifically over the warmer months and is now over 4m tall (see picture). It is ready to be pruned soon, as the leaves are beginning to fall. Can I gently pull down its 4-5 main branches and anchor them close to the ground in order to make the branches weep? I am nearly 70 and don't have the fitness any more to be climbing up ladders in order to access the fruit.
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26th April 2017 6:27pm
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Markmelb says...
Hi - do a summer prune now to 2mt to an outside bud but make sure you prune just below the bud above - this will encourage fruiting buds & help limit growth - are you really sure its Stella as it looks more like Lapins growth or wrongly tagged.Stella are dwarf & really slow growing. Every year prune same & remove any inside branch growth too.
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27th April 2017 8:33am
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