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Feijoa tree

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Angela starts with ...
Hi Just wondering about Feijoa - Unique tree. should I buy two to produce fruit? I bought two trees off you about four years ago 1 of these and another type of Feijoa and they have done well,but no fruit and now I am shifting would love to get more and be able to get some fruit off them how long does it take to produce fruit?
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6th July 2010 8:25pm
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epiphany says...
Unique is a self-fertile variety & you shouldn't need a pollinator but having another tree nearby will increase fruit set. I used to grow 'Unique' back home in NZ...never did much to it at all & it always fruited well.

They generally take around 3 years to fruit. They tolerate hot temps (but hot dry summers can effect fruit yields & may cause fruit drop) but require cool temps to fruit (I've read anything from 50-200 chill hours under 7deg). So if you're not getting fruit from a named variety, this may be the problem (sometimes seedlings don't seem to fruit well but named varieties should be ok).
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7th July 2010 1:37am
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