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Fig disease

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MargieB starts with ...
Our Black Genoa fig is badly infected with Erythricium salmonicolor. We are cutting out the infected limbs which is most of it. Does anyone have any helpful tips as to how to deal with this nasty disease?
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5th January 2018 8:49am
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Fruitylicious1 says...
E. Salmonicolor is considered a pest and it's very hard to treat and can infect other fruit tree and non fruit bearing tree cultivars as well. Besides drastic pruning, removing all debris from around and under the tree and incinerating all materials coming of that tree, you can spray it with copper based fungicide like Bordeaux mixture, copper oxychloride and copper carbonate. Follow manufacturer's specs and always wear protective equipment when handling chemicals. Don't forget to sterilize all the tools and equipments that you have used during the mopping up operation including shoes and clothes to avoid accidentally infecting your other plants.
Happy Gardening:-)
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5th January 2018 1:33pm
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