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fruit trees

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keith lay starts with ...
we are about to plant out approx 1 acre of our land to a variety of fruit trees. the sit is elevated overlooking the kerry valley, natural rainfall is approx 38 inches per annum, all trees will be trickle irrigate (we have ample good quality bore water)the site is slightly sloping and is well drained. soil is generally black volcanic with some clay, topsoil depth approx 450 mm with some underlying rock rubble and clay/gravel. we already have some fruit trees gowing ie mangoes, citrus and figs all of which produce large amounts of fruit each year with little attention. i would like to purchase approx 60 trees covering all fruit annut types, need to know whi
ch trees need others to pollinate,also different varieties of avocado, citrus, grade,apple etc to spread production over as long a period as possible. we want to purchase all trees in one go, we will be planting with 12 inch tractor powered tree auger.
kerry is near beaudesert, the site gets the occasional slight frost.
regards keith lay
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keith lay
kerry, qld
14th June 2008 8:55am
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Anonymous says...
try a search of the "favorite plants" on the daleys website.
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16th June 2008 10:39am
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