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Gel-like substance

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BlackThumbed starts with ...

So, during summer and early autumn I completed a lot of trial bud grafts on my stone fruit tree tree. I didn't expect them to take (it was more for practice) but the few that have stayed on the tree have been fine. However, the spots where the buds didn't 'take' and left gaps have appeared to have some kind of strange goo there this morning. It looked like a gel and appeared overnight completely. Did I accidentally injure my tree? I have attached some pictures of the substance i found. (not my tree in the photos) It looks like this, but clear and less abundant.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

Pictures - Click to enlarge

Picture: 1
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Malvern east
8th June 2018 10:57pm
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Fruitylicious1 says...

THE Amber colored exudate coming from the excised wound is called Gummosis - a gummy gel-like substance cause by pathogens. In most cases healthy stone fruit trees can fight off and recover from the infection. But if the symptoms continue to persist for prolonged period of time you will need to intervene. The easiest solution is to prune the disease member up to the healthy part during the growing season not during winter. If you don't want to prune, scrape off the infected bark up to one inch of additional healthy tissue away from the diseased bark and apply copper based systemic fungicide to the target area. To help the trees recover, keep it regularly watered and fertilised.

To prevent disease being transferred to your other plants sterilize your cutting tools with diluted bleach or methylated spirit before each cut.

Happy gardening :-)
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10th June 2018 11:22am
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