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Grapes - pruning in the 1st season

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skyangel_k1 starts with ...
Newbie here with grape planting. I bought several new grape vines and planted them in the Spring. Now in summer (just 2-3 mths later) they have sprouted nicely. I need some guidance on pruning my Daleys grapes shoots in the first season. 'Google' and pruning videos advice gardeners to prune off all shoots and leave just 1 main straight shoot from the main stem to allow it to grow into the 2nd year. My concern is that will I be cutting off all the bud-grafted shoots instead? Will that defeat the initial purpose of buying a bud-grafted grapevine in the first place? Or is it ok to cut off everything but just leave ONE main strong shoot (the straightest onw? I just need a confirmation before I happily trim off all shoots. Many thanks.
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North Ryde
12th November 2018 2:57pm
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