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Grapevine problems

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Nina starts with ...

my grapevine seems to be losing most of its leaves and looks very unhealthy (was very healthy about 3 weeks ago), why is this? Is it due to too much rain/not enough sun? do i need to fertilize it? or has it got a disease.

The vine is quite old (am unsure of exact age) but the is the first year since I've been living here that it has got any fruit. There are many bunches of grapes but they are small and seem to shrivel before going ripe - I am assuming the lack of sun has had something to do with this. I am unsure of variety - but the grapes are red with a muscatel type quality to them but are not sweet yet.

any advise would be deeply appreciated as inherited vine when moved into my house and am novice about grapes.
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15th January 2011 1:43pm
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