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Grewia Asiatica

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fahad.akhtar starts with ...
Hi There,
I recently purchased GrewiaAsiatica and it not doing too well here in Melbourne, I tried to plant one last year but it shaded all its leaves and died, I purchased two this year, unpackaged them as per the instructions in the video, today it lost it first leave and there is not much progress in the leaves which were coming out. Melbourne weather is fluctuating between 30C - 20C these days, I am not sure if Melbourne is the right region to grow falsa. I am attaching pictures from the day they arrived and today which is 8 days apart. when it arrived all the leaves were on facing towards the top side and not they are either in the middle or towards the bottom, I have put in a little bit of NPK fertilizer provided water twice a day when it 30 and once a day when it is cold. I am very excited about growing falsa, what else can I do to make it grow.
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Picture: 1

Picture: 2
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16th January 2021 1:47pm
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