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idetification of pollinator

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Gg2 starts with ...
Could you please identify the bees that are pollinating my star fruit flowers presently.?
The bee is slightly smaller than the European honey bee and is shinny black on the head thorax and abdomen upper surfaces.The abdomen is furry and orange in colour on the underside. The wings and legs are black in colour. The bees move rapidly from flower to flower.
They move too rapidly for me to get a good image to send to you.
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identify pollinator
28th January 2019 10:35pm
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allybanana says...
Hi Gg2 it sounds like a resin bee, Megachile sp. Scroll through this image gallery I think you will find at least one image to play snap with.Please post the closest fit you find I am interested.

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29th January 2019 9:51pm
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Original Post was last edited: 29th January 2019 9:52pm

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