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Indian gauva

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Swapna starts with ...
I live in Victoria and am looking to plant Indian guava and expecting to get fruits in next two years....can you pls suggest what is he right plant I can buy from your nursery or do you have bare roots for this plant.
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1st May 2018 4:24pm
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Fruitylicious1 says...
Hi Swapna

Guava is not a deciduous tree like an apple or a pear so they don't go dormant during winter time that's why they don't sell them bare rooted during winter. They come in pots from the nursery. Guava is a tropical to warm sub-tropical plant but, I have seen guavas successfully fruiting in Melbourne though the taste is not commendable nor spectacular. Normally, we plant guavas in Melbourne during spring time to avoid the frost and the icy winter wind which tropical guavas hates so much except with feijoa and strawberry guavas. Sometimes they sell them at All Green Nursery and Bunnings both At Old Geelong Rd in Hoppers Crossing. But, you have to wait until the weather starts to warm up I'm afraid unless you have a greenhouse.

Happy Gardening :-)
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2nd May 2018 2:57pm
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