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Is my avocado tree going to live?

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Grant H. starts with ...
Hello everyone! A novice avocado grower here. A young tree was recently given to me. It was in a pot that was much too small for how big the tree is. I have just planted it in my yard and am hoping for the best. When I first got it, the topmost growth of the trunk of the tree was dead, brown and brittle. I snapped off all of the dead tissue I could with my fingers, but it still looks unhealthy. Does anyone have any idea what is going on here? If so is there anything I can do to help my tree? Thanks!
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Grant H.
28th August 2017 7:35am
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Waterfall says...
The tree looks fine to me, its better to make clean cuts with a saw or secateurs rather than snapping off branches.

If the tree is not grafted and just a seedling then I would recommend you go buy a grafted one and compost this one. Seedlings can take over 10 years to give fruit and the fruit might not be all that good when it finally happens. Some fruit trees are fine to grow from seed but avocado is not one of them, life is too short.
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29th August 2017 12:15pm
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