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Leaves drying

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Indian guava starts with ...
My Indian guava tree leaves drying out and curled a bit..it is 2 metres high and in ground next to South facing fence. It gets very little sun in winter.
I can feel it complete dried leaves if I touch it... Not sure what causes the problem..it was fine a week ago, may be it's cold weather starting in Adelaide which might cause the problem.. I did put some sugarcane green leaves as mulch but not much a month ago which would have break down a little by now which might cause problem I don't know. Anyway there are 5 fruits on tree and they are quite small and hard as well... Not sure if they are drying out as well..
I have removed mulch around tree trunk and cut back watering as it doesn't need much water in winter... A little over watering could be problem ..
There are lots of possibilities for leaves drying out but I don't know what causes it and how to stop it..please someone answer and help me save tree..
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Anand Rathod
13th April 2019 1:18pm
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Fruitylicious1 says...
Hi Indian guava

First, look for proof of life by scratching the bark until the cambium layer. If it is green it is still alive, if it is brownish it is starting to die. Cut all the dead limbs until you find the living part (green). Hopefully, it will sprout. But if it is a die back malady caused by root rot there's nothing you can do if it started to decay from the roots up. It happened to my strawberry guava where I cut all the dead branches, it has now regrown and fruiting after a year. Goodluck and happy gardening 😎
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20th April 2019 10:41pm
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Original Post was last edited: 20th April 2019 10:41pm

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