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Lychee Erinose Mite

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urbanFruit starts with ...
Hello, I have had my Kwai Mai Pink / Bosworth lychee for three years. It lives in a container on a balcony in Brisbane.

Last year it developed a velvety substance and gall on the new growth and fruits, the rest of the tree looked ok. At the time I figured this was to do with water stress so I pruned off the affected bits (which was sad cause the growth is really slow). The tree was fine but a few weeks when it started putting on new growth the issue returned.

I believe this might be Lychee Erinose Mite. I have pruned off the affected bits. Has anyone had success treating this?

Thank you

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Picture: 2
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7th September 2021 8:22am
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TyalgumPhil says...
You can use wettable sulphur which is easy to find at a hardware store. But youll need to spray consistently every three weeks. Do you have any plans to plant it out in the garden? In my experience the older trees aren't as readily infected - they do become quite large over time
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25th September 2021 11:20am
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