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Macadamia leaves burning

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crano starts with ...
The leaves of my A16 grafted macadamias are leathery and the new leaves are burnt...they have not looked that good since planting them in june 2018. I live in Bulli NSW. I have mulched and used a low Phosphorus native fertiliser. Is there a chance that the roots have come in contact with the fertiliser and burnt the roots?? They may have suffered a little water stress but I havent neglected them. My other native grasses and shrubs are fine with the same treatment....any ideas?? thanks
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9th October 2018 1:31pm
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Daisy says...
Depends what the burning looks like crano? If it is tip and margin burning it means that they have either salinity burns (from either the fertilisers, soil or water supply) and/or a lack of water.
If it's just the oldest leaves that have margin burning then it may only be a potassium deficiency (but not likely if you are feeding them, have mulched, have clay based soil etc...so don't worry too much about that)
But it does show why a photo can be really helpful in these cases.
Macadamias are a rainforest understory plant in their younger life, so they really do best with decent and regular watering, especially if you have them in full sun and/or your soil drains quickly.
I would guess it's the water stress from what you have said.
Our 2yr old dwarf maca's are watered every second day now and will be until the rains settle back in next autumn.
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Lower WA
4th November 2018 4:22pm
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