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macadamia potential disease identify or not?

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Albert soe starts with ...
Hi there,

Bought a macadamia tree from daleys few years ago. This year starts to have onky a handful of harvest which excite me.

Watered the plant, a bit shocked of seeing brown leaves - thought maybe because of lately heat wave but i am pretty sure routine in watering.

I notice of some kind of whiteish spots throughout on the branches and trunk - is this normal or a disease? Please advise on this as well the brown leaves.

One thing i also notice that the soil suddenly becomes a bit water-logged. I use a premium mix when i put this tree into a pot- what should i do? Re-pot or adding gypsum or other alternatives?
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Albert soe
10th January 2018 11:00pm
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Fruitylicious1 says...
Hi Albert

Some premium potting mixes are notorious for water logging. What i always do is amend the potting mix to make it more free draining. My formula; 1/4 pot mix, 1/4 perlite, 1/4 pine bark, 1/4 peat moss and a sprinkling of dyna lifter plus a fistful of crushed eggshell for added calcium. Works a treat so far and no water logging whatsoever. You can repot your tree during the cooler months. For the meantime, closely monitor your irrigation. Just provide drinks to your maca if the upper 2 inches of your soil is dry by doing a finger test regularly.
And yes, waterlogging can cause brown leaves and a slow painful demise for the drowning tree.
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12th January 2018 6:46pm
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