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Mango tree dropping fruit

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Phil from Gymea starts with ...
Hi aLL,
I have a mature mango tree around 3m tall which flowers and fruits really well, but drops fruit as they grow. It drop loads of small fruit and this slows until there is basically no fruit that ripens. Last year we had one mango from it! I've attached a couple of photos of dropped mangoes. I would really appreciate any advice.
Thanks, Phil,
Pictures - Click to enlarge

Picture: 1

Picture: 2
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Phil from Gymea
8th January 2019 8:46pm
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David01 says...
Hi Phil,

According your photos it looks like your mango has Anthracnose disease. The fruits drop could be due many factors listed as below:

1. Anthracnose fungus
2. juvenile trees have not yet reached its maturity.
3. lack of nutrients (fertilizer+water)
4. Cold weather below 10C also causes mango fruits drop. Cheers.

About the Author
19th January 2019 9:46am
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