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Mango tree - Papaya tree

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Abhijit starts with ...
I bought several fruits trees from you in October 2008. Among them were Mango, Papaya and Guava. Mango was planted in an area that receives sunlight most of the day and is facing west. Papaya was planted facing east and also receives sun most of the day. Guava was planted facing west and only receives sun part of the day and doesn't receive much sun in winter as its too short currenrly in the shadow of a fence. The area where we live gets frost during winter. Last year the trees had frost damage and I lost a Jackfruit tree bought from you. This year we have lost the papaya tree. The mango tree also looks dead. All the leaves are dead and the tips of the shoots are also brittle and dead. I am hoping there is still life in the main stem and it sprouts new leaves again. The Guava tree also lost all leaves but looks like new shoots are about to sprout. Can you please advise on how to save these trees from frost damage? Do you sell a frost tolerant mango and papaya trees?
I also bought a drumstick tree which lost all leaves in winter. I hope it is still alive and will sprout new leaves again.
Can you please also advise what is the best time to fertilise and what is the best fertiliser?
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Holsworthy NSW
23rd August 2010 10:13am
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Alex says...
This year was particularly cold, do you normally get frost in your area Abhijit?
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26th August 2010 9:29am
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