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Maqui from Seed

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Nadabobada starts with ...
Hi. I'm starting some Maqui plants from seed. It's my understanding that the female plant will fruit without a male pollinator, and that the male is only needed to produce seed. I don't want seed, just fruits, so I want to do away with any males. Just wondering if anyone here knows how to distinguish the male from the female plants. Thanks
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3rd January 2020 2:03am
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Fruitylicious1 says...
Hi Nada

Most maqui berries are dioecious meaning male and female flowers are produced from separate plants for pollination to bear fruit although some plants are hermaphrodite that is they have both the male and female reproductive system enabling them to produce fruit on their own. It is best to plant multiple specimens if you require fruits. You can only determine their sexuality once they are blooming but you will need a magnifying glass to identify the flowers from each individual plant if they are monoecious or hermaphrodite because the blossoms are tiny. I uploaded a hermaphrodite flower not a maqui berry though just to show you the different parts of a flower so later on you can compare which ones you have.
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25th January 2020 6:24am
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Original Post was last edited: 25th January 2020 6:26am
Linton says...
Hello Nelio, hope its hot enough for you! The information in your above post is highly useful and relevant for me and those comments are exactly right so I was very pleased to read it.

This year I am intending to grow the self-fertile Maqui plant as a friend has one growing on its own that fruits abundantly every year. Just organizing for some cuttings to be grown from it right now as we speak!

I will probably only grow that one and get rid of all the other standard types that I already have as they have never even flowered. Stay cool....Cheers!
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30th January 2020 7:39pm
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