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maureen starts with ...
I have 2 dwarf mulberries, one is beginning to produce fruit, the other is alive but not coming into leaf. Do you have any suggestions as to the cause.
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15th November 2010 5:49pm
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allybanana says...
Maureen sometimes things take a while to sprout especially if the roots have been disturbed, keep looking after it, they can still photosynthesis through the bark. I could be of more help if I new, how long have you had them for, and were did you purchase them, where they bare rooted, do they both have similar light and did it ever get dry?
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Eden S-East NSW
20th November 2010 9:03am
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Maureen says...
Thank you for your help.
It was reassuring to know that the bark could keep the plant alive. The plant is 2 years old. I grew it from a cutting from the original dwarf mulberry bought from Daleys before we moved house. The first year it grew well. The next spring it was ready to come into leaf when Canberra had a severe frost. This is the following year. Given your information I have dug it up and repotted with minimal disturbance. The stem is still green. I think that the root system needs to be stronger. Will let you know how it progresses.
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3rd December 2010 8:56am
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