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Muscadine grape, no fruit

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Fdr starts with ...
Have Adonis , Noble muscadine. Rampant growth over 6 years but NO FRUIT.
Anyone able to report success and how they did it ?
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22nd April 2019 7:47am
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GlenMac says...
Hi Fdr, I have Adonis and Noble too, but I haven't had any trouble getting a good crop. I include a photo of some of our 2018 season feed of the very sweet Noble grapes. I wonder if you are pruning back that rampant growth? I Googled "muscadine grapes" and found plenty of information from the USA where they are native. YouTube videos were very helpful, especially those by Ison. Anyway, I let my Adonis and Noble vines climb 2m high in the first year and spread two runners. I pruned them back to that. They put out lots of growth, especially Adonis. In winter I cut back the last season's growth to leave just one or two buds. Hope this is helpful. With fertiliser I use mushroom compost and pigeon poo and keep a radius of a metre or so clear of weeds around the trunk. We had heaps of fruit this year. Had to net Adonis for fruit fly and both varieties to keep birds off. Also gave plenty of water in growing season. Good luck for next season. Here's a link to a YouTube video I found very helpful https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_9pk3cnPGI
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29th May 2019 1:24am
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