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My Avocado plant saplings leaf turned brown.

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maggieinoz starts with ...
it grew from seeds a few month ago. so it is still very small and only got a few leaves.

but the leaves start to turn yellow.

I have seen other online sites said this is because over fertilising. however i never use any fertiliser. I only use water.

someone said it might because of too much sunlight. the plant went through the whole summer (in victoria) without problem.

I think i gave enough water since the soil is damp most of the time. there are many drain holes at the bottom of the pot so it shouldn't have any over-water problems.

the chili pepper beside the avocado is doing well. so it might not be bugs or fungal issue (maybe fungal not grow on every plants?)

can someone tell me what happened to my plant and how to fix it?

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West Melbourne
2nd April 2017 12:01pm
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Markmelb says...
Maggie - your soil potting mix looks a bit odd like wood shavings & pot looks like an old draw with little depth.
A capsicum will grow in almost anything but an Avo wont - read my comment above growing Avos in Melbourne - try that & repot or get a grafted one like I suggested - they also don't grow great or maybe even fruit inside without sufficient insects like hoverflies.
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3rd April 2017 7:34am
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