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My Frist Avocado Tree

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Justin2501 starts with ...
Hi everyone,

Since i'm new to growing my own fruits/plants i'm opening a new ticket. All the info i found on this forum, is quite hard to understand.

As far as i can remember, my avocado plant is around 1,5 year old at the moment. Since a couple of months i'm facing brown leave tips which keeps getting worse.

Any tips for this newbie?

Extra info:
- Has always been inside for now
- Watering randomly (also spraying the leaves)
- Preventing sunburn as much as possible

PS: someone drowned the other one, if you are wondering where the leaves are on the picture
Pictures - Click to enlarge

Picture: 1

Picture: 2
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22nd March 2017 12:33am
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SueBee says...
That looks like sun/wind damage. Maybe move it to a more sheltered position?

The rear leaves look deficient in something too so also maybe add a multi mineral type feed for it. In pots they lose minerals much faster than in the ground,minerals can leach out in a week or two of watering.
Avocados are NOT indoor plants they need sun rain and air circulation to excel.
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SW Vic.
3rd April 2017 9:06am
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Original Post was last edited: 3rd April 2017 9:07am

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