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New Dwarf Mulberry looking Sad

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GenHasNoIdea starts with ...
Hello Lovlies,

I brought a dwarf Mulberry and planted it into a large pot (42ltr). I used some local red soil (it is a little bit clay like), cow manure, potting mix and dynamic lifter to plant it and a patio fig in the same soil. The patio fig is doing really well, but my little dwarf mulberry is dropping leaves.
I am watering it every few days and we have had some rain. it is also quite cool. the leaves are yellowing and dropping off at the slightest touch. I really want my little one to survive. Any ideas what I am doing wrong? it is only 25cm high. Any help much appreciated!
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11th June 2018 9:37am
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Fruitylicious1 says...
Hi GenHasNoldea

Mulberries are deciduous creatures. Expect them to look crappy during winter time just like apples, pears, stone fruit trees etc. Come spring, they will wake up with nice leaf buds and later on flowers and fruits.

If the stems are dry and brittle, that's another story coz its a sign of a dying tree. If the stems are healthy there is nothing to worry about atm.

Happy gardening :-)
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13th June 2018 11:30am
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