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New Growth dying on Citrus

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GDK20 starts with ...
Hi all,

I planted a Washington Navel and Meyer Lemon about a year ago, and they have not grown much since. With the warmer weather they both recently sprouted shoots and new leaves, however these all died pretty quickly and turned black.

They are watered enough (twice weekly, good soaking), fertilised with a few different types every few months and the soil should be ok. They get about 5-6 hrs sun a day. Not sure what the problem is? There did seem to be some pests which I sprayed with a pesticide.

I have the same orange tree thriving in a different spot in the yard. We live in Brisbane.

Any suggestions welcome :)

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Seven Hills, QLD
8th September 2017 4:55pm
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Clivey says...
Sounds like the problem I have with citrus shield bugs.They start out as small yellow bugs , get bigger , then change through orange to black at maturity.The suck the sap from new shoots and small fruit stems killing off from the point of attack.I prefer to hit them with a cheap fly spray when they appear, but I'm told they can be flicked off into a bucket of water on smaller plants.Watch out for the spray they squirt , though.
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12th September 2017 8:59am
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