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New mango tree help please

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Nathan and Bailey starts with ...
Hi everyone.

Sorry, I don’t know anything about mango trees. I’ve just found this forum. I was given a mango tree a few months ago that I’ve planted in the front yard but it just hasn’t looked very healthy since. I was hoping for some advice.

Essentially it’s just been planted in an area that was just lawn, so aside from the soil it came in, it’s basically planted in plain dirt. I have added some volcanic ash and a slow release fertiliser and it gets watered three times a week from bore reticulation.

Is it just a bit shocked from being transplanted or should I really of dug a bigger area and added proper soil? Any advice appreciated.

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Nathan and Bailey
7th October 2018 6:59pm
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Mango Mike says...
Mango trees are very hardy.... Keep up the watering.... In the warmer months they will grow roots one month & push new stem/leaves the next.....
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Mango Mike
29th October 2018 11:13pm
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