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Newly received lychee

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Damian starts with ...
Hi all,

Just bought some lychee trees and transplanted them into large pots from the original pots they came in. They looked fine apart from a bit droppy when i received them.

I poted them into 60 litre pots plenty of chicken poo and seasol and powergrow with its first watering. After 2 days into the transplanting to pots, the new leaves dried from the tip and edges, turned black and is falling off when I touch it. The mature old growth seems to holding up fine, had 1 old growth leave fall off, but the rest is in tact. Have I done something seriously wrong? I live in Melbourne and the temperature has been 10-20, I can't imagine it to be a temperature problem. Any ideas what I might have done wrong and what I might be able to do to fix this?
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9th October 2008 1:16pm
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Kath says...
They are very prone to fertilizer burn and it sounds as though your potting mix is too hot. The leaves dying from the tips indicate fertilizer burn. I would recommend repotting it into some good quality potting mix and do not over fertilize it.
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9th October 2008 2:24pm
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