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Olive tree

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Mickandannie starts with ...
We planted an olive tree about 6 months ago on the Gold Coast. It's grown very well & got tall quite quickly but the branches & trunk are pretty skinny & it needs support to stand straight. We'd like to prune it so it thickens up a bit. Any suggestions on how to prune it & when? If we could get a clue on what variety of olive it is that would be great too.
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Gold coast
27th June 2018 7:15pm
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Fruitylicious1 says...
Hi Mick

Pruning olive trees are mostly done during late spring or early summer. The most popular and easily managed shape of olive tree is the vase type, where 3-4 vertical branches are selected to be the main scaffolds of the tree. Other weak, dead or out of the shape branches are cut-off. Your main scaffolds should ideally begin from 10-18 inches from the base of the tree. Ideally, pruning should be done yearly to better manage the shape and height of the tree.

I have a simple picture of a pruned olive tree for your perusal.

Happy gardening :-)
Pictures - Click to enlarge

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30th June 2018 11:26am
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