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Kap1 starts with ...
I was given kilos and kilos of a combination of black and green manzanillo olives. They have been in buckets of water for 5 days, water changed daily, but they are not looking too good. Can anyone shed some light on what is happening? Are some of the black/purple olives bruised? Are the still alright to brine? What is going on with the green olives and the marks on them? Thankyou for any infomation.
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12th June 2017 10:51pm
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Markmelb says...
I think they are clean now - i no longer brine - if still firm just cover/ layer in salt & taste after a month - works for green too but takes longer - if you have lots put in a pillow slip and hang in a cool spot with a bucket under it for drips.
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15th June 2017 11:23am
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