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Orange Ills

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Richard Wn starts with ...
My orange is about 6 years old, producing very little fruit, has become very leggy, and has abandoned its main leg for the second time.
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Richard Wn
Yuma, AZ Foothills
6th May 2018 2:34am
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Fruitylicious1 says...
Hi Richard

Orange trees are greedy creatures. They need regular deep watering and fertilization for them to grow healthy and fruit well. Use composted chicken manure like dynamic lifter or equivalent mixed with trace elements from boron to zinc. Apply the fert mix during early spring and mid summer. Occasional pruning would be welcome too if they become leggy or over crowded. We know that fruits are borne on terminal buds of most citrus trees. You have to prune them when they become leggy and less productive to encourage new growth that will bear healthy fruits. Ease on watering during the cooler months. One more tip, water them regularly with seaweed liquid mixture as well for healthier growth.

Happy gardening :-)
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6th May 2018 9:59am
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