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    2 responses

Dolly starts with ...
I have a poor, sad old orange here. Has very bad melanose and leaf miner, and I can't get rid of either. Can't even seem to be able to control either.
Am looking to get rid of it and plant another. Need something as disease and pest resistant as possible, and something that will do well in Hervey Bay, Qld.
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Hervey Bay
26th February 2011 11:54am
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teuops says...
Hi hopefully someone can correct me if i'm wrong but i don't think there are trees resistant to either problems.

but i;m not a professional!

What methods have you tried so far? It would be a shame to start again.

For give my ignorance if your well aware of what i'm about to dribble on about :)

you probably know this

But with Harvey Bay being hot and humid climate, melanose unfortunately will be a persistant problem. However it is manageable, firstly if its an old tree try removing some dead wood and open up the center of the tree also copper sprays at selective times of the year are beneficial.

As for the leafminer there will be the presence of the nocturnal moth which its larvae are protected in the leaf from sprays/oils. However hort. oils on the leaves will help deter the moth. as will predatory wasps (native) and lacewings. Additional, pruning of lush new growth (where the eggs are laid) will help reduce the number of eggs thus breaking the cycle.

In areas where there are colder months i.e. winters, fertilizer can be added for new growth as the pest is less active, but i guess thats not your climate huh?

Sorry if you are onto all this, just trying to help out and for your sake hopefully i can be corrected.

Here are some links that may help, they are worth the read.



Good luck.
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26th February 2011 9:24pm
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amanda says...
teuops - that's a great post!? U shouldn't apologise - for me I think it's great when people take the time and trouble to reply in the first place :) I am certain other forumites would agree here...

One of the great things I love about gardening is that I am always learning new ideas n stuff! I might be a "guru" by the time I am 80!? LOL...
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Geraldton. Mid West WA.
28th February 2011 12:25am
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