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Papaya leaf stem deformity

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Peter Verschoor starts with ...
Hi, wondering if you can help me determine what is happening to the new leaf growth on my red papaya in Brisbane. The stems of the newer leaves are stunted and deformed, with visible lesions on the stems (see photos). There is no sign of bugs or insects. The newest leaves are now dying soon after they start to grow. Thank you.
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Picture: 3
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Peter Verschoor
7th July 2018 3:51pm
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Original Post was last edited: 7th July 2018 9:08pm
Fruitylicious1 says...
Hi Peter

Your papaya might be infected by the pathogen papaya leaf curl virus which is unfortunately has no cure at the moment. Most papaya growers will uproot the diseased plant to avoid the spread of infection from the other healthy plants.

Happy gardening :-)
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8th July 2018 3:57pm
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