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papaya plant

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Anand Rathod starts with ...
I planted couple of papaya plants in ground in April 2018 in Adelaide, but none grew an inch since I planted..and leaves going yellow..
I know its cold winter and frosty condition in nights, that could be the reason.. so I put covers on them every night to protect them from frost and remove them when its sunny day..
hopefully it will make it to next summer when they would grow really fast, still couple of months to go for winter then temperature would get higher which will suit papaya plants..
does anyone has same difficulty growing papaya plant in winter ? what can I do differently to make papaya plant survives ?
thank you..
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Anand Rathod
3rd July 2018 12:30pm
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David01 says...
Hi Anand,

SA is definitely warmer than Melbourne, so you can grow it in Northfield for sure, but you need to grow it in pot and bring your Papaya plant inside the house during the cold months, say May to August when it is young and under the cover like veranda when it is more than 2m. I have 5 Papayas between 1.5m to 2.5m and expecting fruits in Jan-March 2019. Cheers
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4th July 2018 5:15pm
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