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passionfruit on bamboo?

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belinda_mays starts with ...
Hi, my question is rather involved, so bear with me!

I've always wanted to grow passionfruit along my back fence, both for a bit of privacy and for the fruit, however we have many many possums and bush turkeys in our area so I haven't tried yet (everything else I've tried to grow so far has been dug up and nibbled to death.
We actually live right in the Brisbane CBD and only have a tiny concrete courtyard, so everything is in pots, and I've decided to put shadecloth over a corner to try and help with the bushturkey/possum problem, complete with shadecloth walls etc as well so they can't just fly/climb around it.

However in the meantime we have a development, several stories high going up behind our back fence (the building is 1 metre away, complete with balconies etc overlooking our backyard) - I'm not complaining, it's bound to happen where we are, but privacy is now the bigger concern. So I think the best solution is maybe to grow some gracilis bamboo which can grow many metres high, and is suitable to grow in pots. I will be building a long narrow (probably 250mm wide and deep) planter that goes all along the back fence. I know it may not be ideal, but I've read many forums and articles, so I think it is feasible. Obviously the bamboo will not be able to be covered by the shadecloth (I'm hoping it grows much higher than our fences - although I realise being a pot it probably won't get to it's full potential height) - so what tips can everyone give me to protect it from bush turkeys and possums? I'm hoping once it's established it will be resiliant enough that it will survive.

Now assuming I manage to get the bamboo growing ok, is it absolutely ridiculous to consider growing passionfruit up the bamboo? Obviously it would have it's own pot, but if I train it up the bamboo along the back fence, it would help with privacy, but would it choke the bamboo, and drag it down, or would the bamboo be strong enough to support it? Of course it doesn't really solve the possum problem for the passionfruit, but I'm hoping that the more plants that are growing, the less focus there will be on individual ones. I really don't have very much space at all, and I know I'm trying to squeeze a whole back garden into an unconventional space, but I have to work with what I've got. I also realise the bamboo will create more shade, but the development is going to be doing that anyway - I should still have about 6 hours of direct sunlight either way.
Thanks for any ideas.
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24th May 2017 10:57am
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