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PawPaw Trees

    2 responses

HotPoo starts with ...
Hello, can you please advise suitable variety of PawPaw to suit my Location?
1775m Altitude in the Tropics.
Low 17c high 28c, and bloody Windy...
Some PawPaws here ripen, some don't?
PS. Is there info on growing from Cuttings?
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Mt. Kinabalu, East Malaysia
7th July 2011 4:40pm
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Mike says...
In kenya paws paws are grown at the same latitude as you over 2000m and on the atherton tableland at latitude 17 at 1000m.There is around 0.6 celcius mean cooling with each 100m alt in the tropics and it is expressed more in minimums but there is little seasonal temp variation.
Anything that can be grown in central qld or SEQ should grow there especially on basalt soil.I reckon you don't have to be saddled with just yellow paw paws but even the good red bisexuals like solo should ripen in a sunny spot.You can order seeds from Thailand of several good ones and those from Chang Mai should thrive.
Cuttings can be unstable,more prone to disease and less productive.It may noy be worth pursuing that method of propagation.
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7th July 2011 5:03pm
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Steve says...
my paw paws are dying
first all the bigger leaves shrivel and die then the smaller ones do the same
i found the first one dead a couple of months ago and now i have only 1 left out of 5 all planted in a row. the die back has started at one end of the row and slowly moved onto the next and so forth. any ideas
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5th August 2011 1:38pm
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