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Peach leaf curl infestation

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BlackThumbed starts with ...
Hi everyone,

For 5 years I've had a peachcot and nectarine double graft tree. It's given me no problems up until this year, where the tree was severely infected with leaf curl. The tree is too large for me to pick off all the leaves, and (from what I've gathered) there's no cure for it. Should I just pull it out? Or try and wait it out and see how it goes?

Also, would I be able to salvage any of the peachcot scion wood? I'd really like to continue growing them. If not, does anyone know where to go to purchase some?

Finally, if I was to pull it out, I was thinking of putting either a dwarf mulberry or mango tree. (I'm located in inner Melbourne so we don't get frosts, and there's a pre-existing warm microclimate). Would the mango grow and fruit here?

Thank you all!
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Malvern east
20th September 2019 12:56pm
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David01 says...
Hi BlackThumbed,
Leaf curl is common problem to all peaches, nectarine trees. You need to spray copper-based fungicides once in July and a second dose in August before the buds break. Problem is more pronounced when the weather is too wet/humid for long period. Just trim short all branches. New leaves will come out in Oct-Nov. Mango not recommended to grow in open in your area. Cheers
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24th September 2019 10:08am
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