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pepino last chance

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nick starts with ...
i have a healthy pepino plant which produces well, winter to spring i get a few fruit taste below average probably because not enough heat at that time of year, the summer fruit are much better but i dont seem to be able to keep the fruit on the bush fruit fly can be a problem so i bag the fruit early with breathable commercial bags the plant is trained on a small trellis 1m high so plenty of air circulation,all the fruit that are bagged eventually go rotten in the bag there are no signs of maggots does anyone have sucsess in summer with this fruit?
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6th February 2011 4:25pm
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Veronique says...
I have(had?)a pepino bush for a couple of years, it was so prolific and invasive that I transplanted it to the back of the garden. Since then, it had been plagued by a little blood sucking beetle, all the fruit fell, all the leaves fell... :( I'll try the neem spray...
But I never had problems with fruit flies !?!
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Laurieton NSW (Port Macquarie)
7th February 2011 9:38pm
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