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Permaculture Backyards ?

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Paul starts with ...
I would love to see some backyard photo's of any people out their in Earth world who are permaculture designers ?

come on all your permies ... inspire us !

haven't a clue what Permaculture is ??

i'll do a Blog shortly

in short Permaculture aims to minimize our ecological footprint by modelling food systems on natural processes of energy recycling

the best example is a Rainforest ecosystem... the nutrient and energy flows in a rainforest are so efficient that the Rainforests in Borneo have survived for 80 million years (the only thing that threatens them now is unsustainable land use practices)

in permaculture there is mimminal waste

every output is an input somewhere else

and each component serves multiple purposes (i.e the chooks provide eggs, plus they eat the weeds and create nitrogen rich organic fertalizer)

Please share your photo's, thoughts and feelings on Permaculture ? ! !
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9th July 2007 6:06pm
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paradisi says...
permaculture purity is hard to achieve in a small backyard - but you can "do your bit". We've got 50 fruit trees and vines in a garden area of about 300 square metres as well as some vegies and most importantly flowers. The flowers attract bees, birds, beneficial insects and provide food for the soul. There's a chook run - they convert most of our food scraps into garden eneregy - chook poo. Most of the area is mulched - the straw that goes into the eggamogah club house (chook house) is either composted or put straight onto the ground as highly fertile mulch.

Many fruit trees are closely planted - this causes them to self prune and limits fruit to what two adults (and a lot of neighbours) can manage to eat or store. The garden is only three years old and is producing nectarines, bananas, carambola, passionfruit, pawpaw, strawberries, feijoa and heaps of vegies.
Water conservation is not really an issue - we tried a pond but that just became a mosquito breeder. Grey water usage is planned for later this year and with the mulch and rainfall we have I rarely have to do more than hand water the seedlings and newer plants.
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Dicky Beach
19th July 2007 2:01pm
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