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Persimmon tree

    2 responses

Gaston LO starts with ...
Just looking for information :
I got a persimmon tree at home . However the fruit is a non-astringent one .Could you let me know if I do a grafting by putting a astringent one . It works or no .
Thanks for your response .
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Gaston LO
Elanora/Gold Coast
11th May 2018 7:28pm
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David01 says...
Hi Gaston LO,

Yes, it will work as they are belong to the same family diospyros. Cheers
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12th May 2018 11:33am
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Fruitylicious1 says...
Hi Gaston

I don't see any reason why you can't graft a non astringent to an astringent persimmon since they belong to the same species.

Normally known persimmon varieties are grafted to D. kaki, D. virginiata or D. lotus rootstocks. Note that two of them doesn't belong to the same species but they belong to the same genus. Americans prefer the rootstock D. virginiata (it's native to U.S.) for cold tolerance. In Australia the preferred rootstock is D. kaki because it is more compatible to the normal persimmon than the other two. It is also worth mentioning that only 60% on average will be successful with grafting even for seasoned grafters that's why persimmon trees is a bit more expensive than other fruit trees because of the higher mortality rate. The preferred method of grafting among pros is whip and tongue, you can also try approach, budding or wedge. Grafting is traditionally carried out during the dormant season. If i were you i would graft more to hedge my bets.

Happy gardening :-)
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12th May 2018 5:51pm
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