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Phoenix Mandarin

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stevem starts with ...
Hi there I am wondering if anyone can help me with finding a phoenix mandarin tree. I believe that these are a new variety that are grown by 2ph. They are a seedless Murcott variety and are very lovely.
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21st May 2018 10:48am
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Fruitylicious1 says...
Hi Stevem

Its possible that 2PH PBR on Phoenix Mandarin - a seedless murcott variety, is still in effect so they (2PH) are is still monopolizing the propagation, growing and distribution of this variety hence it is still restricted for public use. If you have an insider at 2PH farm then they might be able to help you other than that its very difficult to twist their arm to give up their hard earned PBR rights. Once their PBR rights has lapsed then and only then the said mandarin variety (Phoenix) will be available to the masses. But for now you have to buy their produce (fruits) and hopefully you'll get a seed to germinate yourself and fingers crossed it might be true to the original, but then again phoenix mandarin is seedless so the possibility of finding a seed is remote.

Happy gardening :-)
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21st May 2018 7:28pm
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