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Jenni H starts with ...
Hello, I was wondering if anyone has the same type of Pineapple that is grown in Vanuatu. I have never had such sweet and juicy pineapple since I was a child. Can someone tell me if I can grow them here?
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Jenni H
25th November 2017 11:06am
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Fruitylicious1 says...
Hi Jenni
Importing crowned or decrowned pineapple in Australia is extremely difficult because of stringent biosecurity laws imposed by the AUSRALIAN DEPT OF AGRICULTURE to protect the pineapple industry in this country. Just eat pineapple as much as you can whenever you're back to Vanuatu. Other than that just content yourself with OZ grown pineapples.
Happy Gardening :-)
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13th December 2017 6:56am
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