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Pitaya Purple Haze

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GaryJohn1 starts with ...
I have a Pitaya Purple Haze , it is 14 month old and has produced its first lot of flowers. It has over 20 buds at the moment , question is , is that too many for a such a young plant to support , should I remove a few buds , or just let it go and see what the success rate is for pollination/fruiting.
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19th February 2018 6:47pm
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Fruitylicious1 says...
Hi GaryJ

Don't worry the flower buds will not set all into fruits. Plants have mechanism in place to cull surplus blossoms to protect themselves from over production.
It's called flower/fruit drop.

If the blooms turned out to fruits which is highly unlikely, that is the perfect appropriate time to thin out the fruitlets. Let's say from 100% to 50% is not a bad call for a young DF like yours.

Happy gardening :-)

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22nd February 2018 10:05am
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