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Pomegranate Tree Beginner Questions

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Shazam starts with ...
Hi everyone,

I just happened to pick up a pomegranate tree on a whim the other day at Home Depot and upon doing a few days of research I realized that I may be in a bit over my head. I just have a few questions, any information given is greatly appreciated!

Important Info: I live in Orlando, FL and plan to keep the tree potted - (I know this is an Australian site, but I need help hah) - I have already purchased a 10 gallon smart pot.

First, I don't know how old the tree is, but I'm assuming it's rather young. I'm not sure if I should re-pot it now or when it's a little stronger. Currently it's in a small, plastic container - would it be smart to immediately plant it into the 10 gallon smart pot or should I wait and let it grow some more as is?

Second, The potting soil I bought is organic, but does not contain perlite which is something I know nothing about but just happened to see it on a few websites. Is that something I should mix into the soil when I re-pot it?

Third, when should I fertilize and with what type of fertilizer. I read May and November, with slow release fertilizer but I don't know if Orlando's climate would change that at all..?

Finally, I know it's young, but would anyone have any idea what variety this is?

Again, any information is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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28th April 2017 3:12am
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mic1 says...
Hi Shazam,

I'm new to pomegranate too.

Your plant looks good. If you're in doubt, then wait til it is dormant next winter to repot.

Perlite isn't necessary if you use a good quality potting mix. Perlite lightens the mix and helps with drainage.

I think we need to see the fruit to have a stab at identifying it. So you'll need to wait.

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6th May 2017 9:59pm
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