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Raspberry Death - HELP

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mrs mac starts with ...
Hello, have an Autumn Bliss Raspberry planted in the ground July, leaves, going gangbusters, then just this week, all brown and dead looking. Leaves withered and gone, scratched trunk, and still have some green underneath. What have I done? what can I do? was watered regularly, and has been fed with seasol and slow release pellets. Thought this was an easy variety - HELP
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mrs mac
Kings Park NSW
19th October 2015 1:15pm
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Greg says...
Most likely it would either be too much fertilizer or too wet wet. If the soil is well drained I would give it a long water to try and flush the fertilizer salts away from the roots. If you think it is too wet, just dont water until hopefully it shoots back.
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21st October 2015 6:30am
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