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Red Cedar

    2 responses

Luke starts with ...
Hi, you suggest Bug Master pesticide for the control of Tip Moth on Red Cedar. What dilution rate do you use? The Label is confusing, ranging from 500-1 to 40-1. When I use the higher rate, trees go white, for sure it will block out sunlight.
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5th January 2012 8:57am
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linnie says...
Hello Luke... I have Tip Moth issues with the sapling red cedars in my baby rainforest, but I don't use poison... Once they've been tipped by the moth, the stems are going to branch out anyway, so it is going to be a bushier plant regardless. I just cut the stems back to where the grub damage inside the stem can no longer be seen... ie the grub hasn't reached any further inside that particular branch/stem... The tree grows on happily, and you can just crush the removed stem part, grub and all, and use as mulch. I've had quite a few 'tipped' red cedars... They become almost topiaried rounded balls on lovely healthy trunks (people comment on how beautiful they are :)), and stay healthy once they get beyond a couple of metres height. Good luck, and good health to your garden and your beautiful baby cedars :)
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5th January 2012 5:45pm
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Jan says...

I am not sure if you are coddling a single red cedar or many. If many, then you may be interested....I spoke to an old bloke some months ago, who had developed a regime for growing red cedar with no moth damage. My recall is quite fuzzy, but I think the regime took about 3 or 4 years and then the cedars were fine on their own - no tip moth. Here is his website...he has devoted many years to getting this right. He was a delightful gentleman.
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8th January 2012 1:28am
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