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Runners or canes? Williamette

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gbw starts with ...
Hi, I have a Williamette Raspberry planed about six months ago. It is spreading quickly with long runners along the ground - but nothing vertical like a sturdy self-supporting 'cane'. Are these runners actually canes, and thus I should be supporting them against a vertical structure, or are they suckers and I should be trimming them? Do I wait for vertical canes to just shoot up, I'm not sure whether to prune these long things to keep the plant in check, or whether they should be supported. Thanks!
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5th January 2021 10:49am
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Itstilldepends says...
The canes will need supporting, not a lot though. You can put a couple of long star pickets in at the ends of each row. Run a wire/line at about 3 feet off the ground and another at the top. Tie the canes to the wire as they grow and if they get really long, wind them along/around the top wire.
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EATON 6232 WA Australia
18th January 2021 12:03am
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